What Kind of Exhaust Gives the Most HP?

Dashiell John
3 min readJan 1, 2021

If you want to increase your vehicle’s performance just give it more air to breathe. That’s true, improving the airflow of a car’s engine helps it breathe more and perform better. This is one of the easiest modifications you can do for your car’s engine. Another thing associated with it is the exhaust system. The more air flows through the car’s performing mechanism, the more will be your car’s Hp.

Hence getting a performance exhaust system can help you get the most horsepower from the engine. However, there are several types of exhaust systems you can get. This get will tell you what kind of exhaust can give you the most Hp.

1. Headers

Getting aftermarket headers is the easiest way to increase your car’s horsepower. Headers reduce the backpressure in the engine, improve your fuel efficiency, and increase horsepower. There are several types of headers available in the market. A short header with a small diameter produces more torque whereas a large diameter header gives your engine more RPM.

Many upgrades on test engines have shown exceptional performance with headers. A normal 239 horsepower engine when fitted with a header gives an output of 255 along with an increase in the torque.

CAT-BACK Exhaust
Photo by Nick ter Haar on Unsplash

2. CAT-BACK Exhaust

A Cat-back exhaust no doubt gives your car or truck a sound that motor heads love to hear. However, getting an aftermarket exhaust will also increase the performance of your vehicle. This increase in performance will be shown as an increase in the horsepower of your vehicle. If you combine cat-back exhausts with a set of headers you will notice your car performing exceptionally well.

Another simple way is to install a cold air intake for your engine. The colder the air goes into the engine, the more will be the performance of your car. However, you will also need an exhaust that will help you notice that power gain.

High-Flow Catalytic Converter
Photo by Jonathan Gallegos on Unsplash

3. High-Flow Catalytic Converter

Many people get the catalytic converter from their exhaust systems removed. It does give a performance upgrade to you. However, it often comes with certain other problems that also include bad fuel emission which is illegal.

Instead of removing the catalytic converter, you can install a high-performance catalytic converter in your vehicle. It is known by the name “High-Flow Catalytic Converter” which can increase your engine’s horsepower while controlling the harmful emissions. Since they have fewer catalyst cells that reduce emissions while allowing more exhaust passage.

High-flow catalytic converters have large holes in the catalyst chamber that allow more exhaust gases to pass through. This reduces the backpressure and allows the engine to perform better.

So, these are some of the exhaust systems that can give you an increase in horsepower. But before getting an upgrade you need to ensure you are following your local traffic rules and emission laws. Getting illegal mods might get you in trouble. Search for a BMW M140i performance exhaust near you to increase your car’s horsepower.